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Dont Tap

Dont Tap is a fast and challenging music game where you have to tap black tiles on the screen to the rhythm of the song. You are not allowed to click on the white boxes; otherwise, you will lose. Hit the black boxes as quickly as possible; otherwise, you will be left behind. Play this game on a computer or smartphone.

This game has three different game modes: classic, arcade, and zen. In classic mode, you must press 50 black boxes in the shortest possible time. In arcade mode, you must press black tiles continuously within 10 seconds, and the time will be extended each time you press a black tile. In Zen mode, you can press black boxes freely within 30 seconds, no matter the time or number.

This game has simple but sharp graphics, with a white background and black boxes creating a strong contrast. The game also features dynamic and diverse sounds, with a variety of tracks ranging from piano and guitar to pop, rock, and electronic music.

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