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Papa's Scooperia

Looking for a fun cooking game where you work at an ice cream shop making the best of the best sweet desserts in town? If so, look no further, as Papa's Scooperia is definitely the game for you.

About Papa's Scooperia

In the game, you’ll play as Carlo Romano, Koiler, or even a custom worker that you create. Here, as a worker working at Papa Louie’s ice cream shop, your job is to serve the customers the best cookies topped with ice cream and other tasty ingredients.

It sounds so easy; however, in fact, it’s pretty tough to serve your customers, especially picky ones, the best dishes while not making them wait too long.

How-to-play instructions

Like other games in the famous Papa’s Games series, Papa's Scooperia is simple to play.

The game has four different areas: Order Station, Dough Station, Bake Station, and Build Station, each presenting a different step you need to go through to make the food before serving it to the customers.

First, you need to take the customer’s orders, then switch to the Dough Station to start making a cookie (be sure to choose the right cookie dough that your customer ordered).

Next, head to Bake Station to start baking the cookie by dragging the dough into the oven so it’s baked right away. When the cookies are done baking, move them onto a plate and then get to the Build Station to add ice cream and other toppings that your customers want.

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