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Papa's Pastaria

Papa Louie and Italian pasta are all at once at Papa's Pastaria. Papa's Pastaria is a cooking game in which players run an Italian pasta restaurant. Take orders, cook pasta, add toppings, bake bread, and serve the customers.

How to play Papa's Pastaria

If you are a fan of pasta, you will love this Papa's cooking game. In this game, you are a worker at the Papa's Pastaria restaurant. Your mission is to receive different orders from customers and go through different stations to prepare the best pasta and dishes for them.

The game contains four different stations. First, you will need to take orders and write them down. Next, you need to move on to different stations to prepare delicious pasta and bread for the customers.

Order Station: Receive orders

Cook Station: Cook noodles

Build Station: Add sauces, toppings to create a perfect plate of pasta.

Bread Station: Toast delicious bread.

The game sets in Portallini. It's known as one of the oldest towns around. And many visitors come here to explore ancient canalways. You can take the role of either Doan or Utah as the worker.

Try to serve and satisfy the customers to earn tips. If you do well enough, you can get high ranks and earn big tips.


  • Fantastic cooking game
  • Different menu items and seasonal toppings to unlock
  • Various in-game achievements and prizes
  • Fantastic cooking game

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