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Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is more than a great game, not only for fans of cooking games but also for anyone looking for entertaining but challenging games.

What is Papa's Pizzeria?

Papa's Pizzeria was first introduced in 2007 and quickly became popular among fans of cooking games around the world. The game’s huge success also marked the beginning of the legendary Papa’s Games series.

In Papa's Pizzeria, you will take on the role of a pizza restaurant manager with the mission of making the most yummy pizzas possible to meet the customer’s preferences and serving them the food as quickly as you can.

The more you keep your customers happy and satisfied, the more money you will earn and the quicker you will level up.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria

In Papa's Pizzeria, you’ll need to go through the whole pizza-making process in four steps: Taking orders, topping the pizzas, baking them, and cutting the pizzas into pieces before serving them to the customers. Here are more details:

First, at the Order Station, take orders from customers coming to the restaurant.

Next, go to the Topping Station to top the pizzas based on the customers’ orders.

Once you're done topping, move to the Baking Station to bake the pizzas (make sure you don’t overcook them).

Last but not least, simply head to the Cutting Station to cut the pizzas into pieces according to the customers’ orders.

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