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Papa's Sushiria

In Papa's Sushiria, another installment of the fantastic Papa’s Games series, you will work at Papa Louie’s sushi restaurant, trying to serve the customers the best sushi dishes and become a sushi master chef.

How to play Papa's Sushiria

Main goal

In the game, you can choose to play as Matt, Clover, or a custom worker you’d like to create. Your job here is nothing but to serve the customers fresh and delicious sushi dishes without making them wait too long. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your food and services will earn you lots of tips.

However, at higher levels of the game, you’ll get busier and busier with many more customers to serve, which seems to be the real challenge for you.

Four different stations to know

As with most games in the Papa’s Games series, you’ll also have to move between four different areas in Papa's Sushiria, including the Order Station, Cook Station, Build Station, and Tea Station.

First of all, you’ll need to take each customer’s order at the Order Station before switching to the Cook Station to start preparing sushi. Here, drag the rice that the customer wants onto a rice cooker, cook it (don't forget to add vinegar), and then put the rice onto a Nori sheet.

Next, go to the Build Station, add the fillings of the customers' choice, then roll the sushi and add the toppings the customers order before slicing the sushi roll into pieces.

In the Tea Station, you will need to prepare your customer’s desired bubble tea.

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