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Papa's Bakeria

Have you ever dreamed of working at a bustling bakery and making the best pies that people all love? If so, Papa’s Bakeria, a great casual restaurant game from the Papa’s Games franchise, is the game to try right now!

Game Overview

In Papa's Bakeria, you’ll take on the role of an employee working at Papa Louie’s Bakery. You are tasked with serving the customers tasty pies and making them happy, which will earn you lots of tips.

When starting the game, you can choose to play as Timm or Cecilia. If none of them is your choice, you can create a custom worker of your own.

As with other Papa’s games, Papa's Bakeria is easy at first; however, when you reach higher and higher levels, you’ll likely face lots of pressure as more and more customers visit your bakery.

How to play Papa's Bakeria

The game features 04 separate areas that you have to go through one by one to serve the customers the best cakes in town.

First off, take customers’ orders one by one at the Order Station. Next, go to the Build Station, where you start building a pie. Here, pay attention and just pick the flavored crust and fillings that your customers ordered.

When done, simply head to the Bake Station to bake the pies (by dragging the pie into the oven and waiting a few moments for the pie to be finished baking).

Lastly, go to the Top Station and add toppings to the pies before serving them to the customers.

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