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Food Empire Inc

Food Empire Inc is a groundbreaking idle farming game that takes you to new heights. In this unique gaming experience, you're not just a farmer; you're a high-tech billionaire growing a sky farm empire. From lettuce and strawberries to ginseng, cultivate an array of crops in the sky and witness the future of farming unfold. Strategic gameplay and the thrilling journey of turning your sky farm into a lucrative empire.

The sky's the limit:

You can cultivate your crops in the sky instead of being confined to traditional soil as a player. Giving you the opportunity to grow lettuce, strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes, and even ginseng in the clouds. The sky is no longer just a limit; it's the expansive canvas for your agricultural prowess.

Upgrading Operations:

As you embark on your journey, coins become your currency for progress. Utilize them wisely to upgrade your farming operations. Enhance your crop yields and unlock advanced technologies to catapult your sky farm into a cutting-edge agricultural powerhouse.

Automate with managers:

Hire sophisticated managers to automate mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and expanding your empire. These AI-driven managers ensure that your operations run smoothly, even when you're away. It's not just about working hard; it's about working smart.

Earning While You Sleep:

Food Empire Inc doesn't adhere to the conventional concept of time in gaming. Even when you're offline or catching some well-deserved sleep, your sky farm continues to generate revenue. Allowing you to wake up to increased profits and new opportunities.


Transcends the boundaries of traditional farming games, offering a thrilling blend of innovation, strategy, and futuristic charm. From cultivating crops in the sky to automating operations with AI managers. Are you ready to grow your agricultural legacy in the clouds? The sky's the limit at Food Empire, Inc!

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