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Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy is an old-school video game featuring a traditional control scheme. You are going to put on the boots of a cowboy from the American frontier in this game. You will one day find yourself transformed into a walking, talking cactus after a cursed cactus stone emerges from within a cave. You have to make your way across the Wild West zone, eliminate all of your competitors, and stay alive in order to restore your humanity. You will face a total of 12 different stages, ranging from easy to difficult. Make an effort to get over all of the challenges in the game!

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The video game Cactus McCoy is an action title with a throwback aesthetic. The game boasts straightforward control options and captivating 2D graphics, both of which you will undoubtedly like. Many gamers have expressed their agreement that the nostalgic components in Cactus McCoy transport them back to their formative years.

How to play

The rules of the game, Cactus McCoy

The game's mechanics are easy to understand. Your objective is to survive through the entirety of the game's 12 levels while completing them successfully. The game's controls can be understood with little effort.
To move, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.
Jumping is accomplished by pressing the A key; descending is accomplished by pressing A followed by the down arrow key; and attacking is accomplished by pressing the S key.

You can grasp the weapons by pressing the down arrow key, and if you want to let go of one weapon so you can grab another, press the D key.

To fire your weapon, press the S key.

To open chests, press the down arrow key on your keyboard.

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