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Farm Town

Farm Town is a mobile farming game that is free to play and has many crops and jobs to do. In the game, you can build and improve your farm to store as much as possible. But this job is hard, and you may have to grind for many hours to find the premium items you need.

Farm Town is like Hay Day, CastleVille, and Township, which are also games about farming and making towns. But Farm Town's gameplay is more routine than any of its other options, which makes it harder to move forward without getting bored.

Fun style of art

The characters, crops, and machinery in this game are drawn in a simple, cartoony way. This style takes away from the simulator's reality and makes it feel more like a game, which makes it more fun to look at.

Different jobs

In the game, you can harvest different crops, use different tools, and sell your goods at a kiosk. Getting to the next level quickly comes down to how you use these tools.

Repeated game play

In Farm Town, you have to log in every da and take care of your farm. Taking a few days off won't help you collect crops.

It's hard to get ahead

The fact that you can't store much in your barn makes this game even more annoying. A lot of things are needed to improve your barn or silo. You'll also need to find premium items to clear your plot of trees and make room.

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