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Mini Market Tycoon

Mini Market Tycoon is a free online game where you run a grocery store. In which you will play the role of a young man named Jack, a young man who borrows money from the bank to open his own small store.
You will be in charge of running the supermarket, which includes hiring staff and buying and selling things. Getting customers and competing with others Improving shops You'll be able to grow your business and open a whole network of stores all over the city.

This game is fun and helps you learn. You will have fun and learn a lot about running a business and a store. Playing this game will also help you improve your ability to notice things, react quickly, and think strategically.

Tiny Market Tycoon has fun sounds and simple, cute 2D images. Your eyes will love how clear and colorful the game is. There are a lot of different levels of difficulty, so you can push yourself.

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