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Papa's Donuteria

Papa's Donuteria is another sweet installment of the Papa's Series. Players join a donut-cooking adventure, take orders, and cook delicious donuts for the customers that come to Powder Point, a carnival-like town.

How to play Papa's Donuteria game

This game is the tenth part of the series. As the carnival time is coming, many customers arrive at the town. You can play as either Tony or Scooter at Papa's Donuteria resturant and cook tasty donuts for the customers.

Like other previous parts, you need to go through different processes. First, take orders. Next, move to different stations to mold, prep, bake, fry, cut out donuts. And finally, decorate them with different kinds of toppings.

There are tons of ingredients that you need to manage. And you need to make sure that all of the donuts you made match the customer's exact orders and specifications. Each order comes with specific ingredients and decorations.


Order Station: You take orders here

Dough Station: Select the type of dough to cut out and use.

Fry Station: Fry and flip the dough to make it become golden-brown.

Build Station: Use the right glaze, icing, as well as toppings before delivering it to the customer.

Things will start out slow. When you first enter the game, you will go through instructions to make donuts and serve the customers. There are a few of customers with simple orders at first.

The game becomes harder when more customers visit the restaurant.


Donut-cooking adventure

Different seasons and holidays

Tons of achievements and prizes

Different seasonal toppings and menu items to unlock

Can you serve the best donuts and make them happy in this game?

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