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Ultra Pixel Burgeria

In the simulation game Ultra Pixel Burgeria, players are tasked with creating mouthwatering burgers from scratch and attending to the needs of their patrons. There are around 30 distinct kinds of burgers available for sampling.

This is a simulation game of running a restaurant, and the gameplay is really realistic. You will have the opportunity to work in a real burger restaurant as a chef. To successfully make a burger, you are required to complete all of the procedures. After the bread has been prepared and baked, the ingredients, toppings, and sauce should be added before it is served to the consumers. Make every effort to finish each order as quickly as you possibly can.

Hints and Tips

Pay attention to the instructions, and make sure you remember them.

Make an effort to fulfill orders as promptly as possible and on time.

The more experience you have, the simpler it will be for you to prepare mouthwatering burgers.


How to play

To move around the screen, press either A or D.

To interact, please use your mouse.

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